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  • PMC is happy to announce the incorporation of Time Banking in its services, which is a reciprocity-based service system in which hours are credited in the Time Account of the holder. Open your PMC Time Banking Account today!

  • PMC was officially launched by Honble Mr. Justice Madan B. Lokur, Judge, Supreme Court of India on 14/07/2018 and Centres were opened at Muvattupuzha, Vaikom, Thrissur, Chittur and Suthan Battery from 17/07/2018

  • PMS has decided to open Peoples Mediation Centres (PMCs) in all the constituencies in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu

  • Welcome to People’s Mediation Society (PMS)!

    All of us love to have a peaceful life. But sometimes problems emerge in our life. It could be from our own family, our friends or relatives, our neighbours or our business partners. It could be property disputes, money disputes, relationship disputes etc.

    During prehistoric times, primarily humans had the tendency to solve their differences by fighting. As humans have waged conflicts, humans have also always engaged in various ways to end them. Often, one side coercively imposes its will upon the other side, sometimes violently, and thus terminates a conflict. When culture progressed, we relied on adjudicatory methods. But it has also become complex, delayed and expensive. Moreover it spoils the relationship forever and the dispute will stay as an unwelcomed guest for years or decades together. Longer the conflicts persist, the worse problems seem to get.

    We can see that most of the criminal cases have its origin from a trivial civil or personal issue, which could be sorted out at the beginning, if someone had intervened. If only there is someone to help us to resolve our disputes amicably there wouldn’t be scores of unresolved civil and criminal cases pending in our courts.

    We cannot sit confused, worried, frustrated or hopeless thinking that we cannot do anything to improve the situation. We need to take control, we need to empower ourselves, and we need to take charge on our capacity to resolve our disputes. We need to understand that if we can create disputes, we can also resolve them!

    There is a culture of conflict which influences how we respond to it. This is where the culture of mediation evolves. Each stage of cultural progression, acknowledges that cultures and societies tend to develop and move forward and the underlying assumption is that cultural evolution leads to the growth and development of civilization.

    PMS – a charitable society formed for the purpose of promoting mediation and empowering people towards sustainable development and creating a harmonious society – is partnering with Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) for establishing People’s Mediation Centres (PMCs) in all parts of the country, under the IIAM Community Mediation Service. Under this concept the PMCs are established by the local community, whereby they own, manage and administer the Centres, giving them a strong foundation for empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence. The members of PMS have voluntarily signed the “Pledge to Mediate”, by which they would consider mediation as the first option to resolve their disputes with other persons, recognizing that the empowerment to resolve disputes amicably and voluntarily is an expression of civil maturity. They open and administer PMCs in their locality, which would provide them the space for resolving their conflicts.

    Once a member signs the Pledge and joins the PMS, they can open the “PMC Time Banking Account”, whereby they choose what services they would like to offer through the PMC and can earn “Time Credits” for the service they provide. PMC not only allows us to empower ourselves and take charge of our capacity to resolve our disputes, it also rekindles the age-old pattern of give and take to reweave the healthy families and communities that everything else depends on. This makes the “People’s Mediation Centre” a genuine people movement!

    As Mahatma Gandhi has said, "The world will live in peace, only when the individuals composing it make up their minds to do so".

    We invite you to be part of the revolution, because we want to do this together and make this world a better and more honest place. Make the Pledge and join the exclusive community!

    For further details contact: info@pmcindia.org